"I was sought by those who did not ask for Me,
I was found by those who did not seek Me."
Isaiah 65:1
"I encourage anyone interested in evangelism or missions to take the next class."
                                                                                  Mark - Kansas City, MO  

"This class opened my eyes to how Moslems think, and what they believe, and why!"
                                                                                  Beverly - New York, NY

"I've grown a heart for the Muslims and learned to love them, and I do not need to fear them."
                                                                                  Lisa - Van Nuys, CA 

"This class was excellent in connecting Eslam to culture. The class went beyond just teaching bullet point facts that do not connect to people's worldviews."

                                                                                  Thomas - Richmond, VA

"Moslems of Messiah opened my eyes to how little I truly knew about Eslam. As my knowledge began to grow and I started to understand both how lost Moslems are, and how much Jesus desires to draw them into truth and a relationship with Him, God gave me a desire to be used by Him to reach Muslims with the Gospel."
                                                                                  Megan - Los Angeles, CA

"I truly feel that through this class my interests in the salvation of Moslems have definitely kindled."
                                                                                  Michael - Pittsburgh, PA

"My curiosity and love of knowledge took over, aided by the realization that these are God's children, our brothers and sisters under heaven, and I need to know more about them and their beliefs."
                                                                                  Angela - Brooklyn, NY

"Jesus saved me from a life of addiction. Reading the Bible changed my life and saved my soul. Now, I know that Jesus is truly the only Son of God. I want to teach the Bible to the rest of my family now."
                                                                                  Shaheen - Iran

"I have learned more about the Middle East in this class than any other I have taken."
                                                                                  Linda - Monett, MO

"There was times that I found myself getting so emotional to the point of getting teary-eyed because I felt the Holy Spirit grieve over His creation. Over people that refuse to accept the truth because of a religion that fills their sinful desires. This class allowed me to see the necessity of preaching the gospel among these people."
                                                                                  Leslie - Venezuela

"It has helped me to be more open to ask why people of other cultures look at the world events and history differently."

                                                                                  Nancy - St. Paul, MN    

"I have taken other courses to learn about how to minister to Muslims but none as captivating and comprehensive as this one...You will definitely leave this course with a greater love for Moslems"

                                                                                  Fred - New York, NY