Recommended Books:

1) "Who Is This Allah?"
    By G.J.O. Moshay

2) "Into the Den of Infidels"
    By The Voice Of the Martyrs

3) "The Islamic Invasion"
    By Robert Morey

4) "I Dared to Call Him Father"
    By Bilguis Sheikh

5) "Glad News! God Loves You My Muslim Friend"
    By Samy Tanagho

8) "Abu Sharif; The Mystery of the Hundreth Name"
    By J.K. Mellis

9) "Behind the Veil"
    By Abd El-Schafi

10) "Jesus, Friend to Terrorists"
    By Richard Wurmbrand

11) "The Costly Call - Parts 1 & 2"
    By Emir Caner

12) "The Dark Side of Islam"
    By R.C. Sproul & Abdul Saleeb

13) "Son of Hamas"
    By Mosab H. Yousef

14) "Anatomy of the Qur'an"
    By G.J.O. Moshay
"For wisdom will come into your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul"
Proverbs 2:10
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